Games and simulations

An expertise we enjoy to put into use is building performance-critical, graphically-enhanced games and simulations. We launched 3 consecutive versions of NOKs, a character collecting full-fledged 3D game which featured physical simulation, workflows-based AI and real-time multiplayer capabilities. The game was published in Israel with Atari with later releases in Israel and the US. Before that, Lior led the flight modeling team in the Israeli AirForce game done in 1998 for Electronic Arts. He then took that game and made it a real-life military system for Simigon, in 1999.
We also know how to make use of gaming technologies in other areas. We've helped in launching the new ABC Sign in Times Square for the 2008 New Year's Eve, taking responsibility for the performance-critical communication core, written in C# using TCP/IP.

One of our latest projects is GameCapture, a recording and broadcasting device driver built on top of DirectShow and DirectX. It records PC games into movies and broadcast it through PHP-based servers. We've built into it some nifty stuff, including a DirectX and OpenGL game-hooking DLL, proprietory DirectShow filters, skinnable UI and a even a movie editor.