Web Apps are here

We built several sophisticated Web applications, as a company and as individuals. In a recent project we created a working prototype for one of the biggest eCommerce sites, using cutting edge technologies like AngularJS and NodeJS . In GameCapture, we built a WordPress system that includes video streaming. NOKs.com was the world's first character collecting system, published by Atari in 2003 with a second version in 2004. Alzinfo.org was a content management system built from the ground up to support Alzheimer patients: client was the non-profit Alzheimer Foundation of the Rockefeller University.

In Devix, Lior led a 15-member team to create an eCommerce system that included both a back-end smart client and a performance-critical web site, whose both databases synchronizing in real time through a web-services-based replication framework. The system launched in 2007 and is the foundation for several high profile online shops, supporting billions of dollars of online commerce. One of the sites is JustMyShopping.

As the web evolved, we have evolved with it to create web apps on a variety of platforms for a variety of businesses. Some other sites include Medicasting, ETEK training site and a specialized survey system for the Center of Decision Sciences at Columbia Univerisity

We champion HTML5. As an amazing techonology, it finally gives the browser the power it deserves. NodeJS, its counterpart, provides both unprecedented performance as well as excellent scalability. If you're a developer, you'll enjoy our Making Software Soft Again white paper about building scalable applications on the Web. If you an Angular newbie, then the routing tutorial and Stackoverflow answers will help you get things clear.